Global Jaya School, Determined to Shape Quality Individuals

Global Jaya School
Global Jaya School

Established in 1995, Global Jaya, throughout its history, has played a significant role in contributing to the growth of educational programs of an international standard. From 2004 to 2006, Global Jaya implemented a new curriculum upon authorization by the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Global Jaya School
International Baccalaureate Global Jaya School

International Baccalaureate itself is an international educational foundation based in Switzerland. Since its foundation, IB has formed internationally recognized educational qualifications widely adopted by many countries. Its recognition is mainly due to the method that is considered to be highly effective in instilling the concept of learning, all the while educating students to compete globally.

Global Jaya School
Global Jaya School’s Gateway to the World

Global Jaya, as an IB continuum school, has comprehensively accommodated its students in every part of the learning process. That includes fitting the school with state-of-the-art facilities, including an outdoor playground, swimming pool, laboratories, and multipurpose gymnasium.

Global Jaya School

Global Jaya enrolls students from all stages of education, from kindergarten to high school. One thing distinguishing Global Jaya from other schools is that the high school level only takes two years to complete, while others take three.

Global Jaya School

For more than 25 years, Global Jaya School has stood out as a leading IB school recognized in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. A total of 130 dedicated, professional, and qualified staff are ready to provide quality education and learning to the 660 students from 18 different nationalities. Global Jaya School is also strategically located in the Emerald Boulevard area, Bintaro Jaya Sector IX, Bintaro Jaya, South Tangerang, a city warmly adjacent to the nation’s capital, DKI Jakarta.

As an international school, Global Jaya School applies an international curriculum framework and relentless support toward developing students’ languages other than English and Bahasa Indonesia. Global Jaya School still maintains and respects Indonesian culture while also adhering international curriculum that broadens its students’ global horizons. Via Global Jaya School’s mutually supportive programs, students’ non-academic achievements receive an equal celebration to their academic achievements.

Another contributing factor is the foundation of harmonious, precise, and accurate communication between parents and the school regarding students’ development and various programs during the academic year. A combination of many factors has resulted in the school yielding quality graduates, with many pursuing their higher level of education at leading universities worldwide and in Indonesia.

Perpustakaan Global Jaya School

In addition to studying general subjects like Math, English, and Sciences, among others, Year 11 and 12 students at Global Jaya School are also required to complete three other programs related to graduation requirements: Extended Essay (EE), Theory of Knowledge (TOK), and Creativity Action Service (CAS).

The complete nature of the elements of the academic, socio-emotional, artistic, athletic, and community service helps students become resourceful, communicative, solutions, and action-focused human beings, engaged within their community, ready to share, contribute, and lead change efforts, locally, nationally and globally. In doing so, our students develop the capacity to self-manage, ultimately learning how to balance the demands of their academic and non-academic social lives.

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